The Band

The Band of Music was formed in 2011 as a flexible ensemble with a steady core of players. The size of the group can extend from three to thirty-three, covering repertoire from Purcell to smallscale Haydn and Mozart. The members of the group are based in the UK, and are experienced players on baroque and classical instruments. They all hold regular positions with leading early music groups in the UK and Europe.

The Band of Music has performed throughout the UK and released their first recording, Deliciæ Musicæ, in March 2014.

The Band sees education projects as an important and rewarding part of their work. To date they have run workshops on baroque music and dance for a hundred teenagers at Yorkshire Young Musicians, and worked closely with the Baroque Ensemble at the University of York. Being able to combine teaching and performance of baroque music with dance from the period is a unique feature of the group, and in October 2012 they presented a hugely successful concert at the Two Moors Festival in Devon teaching the audience to dance the minuets that featured in the programme.

The Musicians